DERMATONICS Professional Salon Treatments

Signature Antioxidant Facial  75 mins  $140

Designed specifically to boost antioxidants, helping to invigorate and hydrate the skin for a more youthful appearance. This facial contains beautiful Australian native actives that are packed with antioxidants, leaving the skin glowing and revitalised. The ideal anti-ageing facial.

Ultimate Hydrating Facial  75 mins  $140

With amazing butters, Australian clays and ingredients specifically chosen to hydrate and soothe the skin, this facial is designed to help restore hydration and revitalise the complexion. Ideal for more dry and sensitive skin types.

Detoxify & Restore Facial  75 mins  $140

Designed to help and repair skin that is prone to acne, inflammation and uneven skin tone. In addition to Australian actives that are high in antioxidants, this facial contains superb ingredients that can help calm inflammation, clarify and repair damaged skin.

Add on 20 minutes OMNILUX LED to any of the above facials for total $170

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