The Beauty Chef


Beauty begins in the belly

The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing your digestive health.

Introducing this multi-award winning range of superfood dietary supplements that blend selected fruits, vegetables, berries, roots, grasses, flowers, spices and algae with Flora CultureTM, The Beauty Chef’s natural bio-fermentation process. This helps to improve the nutritional value of our ingredients and creates natural probiotics to assist digestive health, which is key to a glowing complexion!

Backed by 20 years of research with a team of micro-biologists, nutritionists and naturopaths, The Beauty Chef offers a range of Inner Beauty Products to help balance the gut and feed the skin from within. Studies show that where there is gut inflammation, there is skin inflammation. Digestive-balancing probiotics, natural enzymes, antioxidants and protein-rich superfoods are the next big thing in Skincare.

“We believe beauty begins in the belly. Our range of living beauty products are derived from nature and supported by science using bio-fermented, wholefood nutrition, prebiotics and probiotics, to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin from the inside, out”

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